Basketball Team Intentionally Passes The Ball To Opponents, Giving Disabled Teen A Chance To Shine

February 26, 2016

Adrenaline can run high when a group of teens are in the middle of a basketball game. Frustrations mount and personalities collide, as opponents from each team compete for the win.

But during this game, a player from Franklin High School shocked everyone with a show of sportsmanship that has gone viral.

It started with a developmentally disabled student named Mitchell Marcus from El Paso, Texas. Marcus had a love for basketball that started when he was just a young boy. So his high school basketball coach made him a team manager for the Coronado Thunderbirds.

Though he never got the chance to play on the court, Marcus would always maintain a high level of enthusiasm for his players, encouraging them to push their limits during the game. His teammates not only respected Marcus’ insights, but they also appreciated his advice.

So the players of the Coronado Thunderbirds, along with their coach Peter Morales, decided to surprise Marcus with an opportunity to get out on the court during the last few minutes of a game against Franklin High School.

Their goal – pass Marcus the ball and help him score a basket.

So Marcus suited up and stepped in. His teammates passed the ball to Marcus a handful of times throughout the game, but the teen kept missing the basket.

The Thunderbirds were leading by 10 points at the time Marcus stepping in. But coach Morales was prepared to lose the game in exchange for giving Marcus his time in the spotlight. So he allowed the team’s manager to stay on the court.

The clock was winding down with only seconds remaining, and Franklin High School now had the ball. But this is when player Jonathon Montanez did something that shocked everyone.

Montanez called out Marcus’ name, and passed the ball directly to him. This gave Marcus one last chance to score a point.

He turned around, took the shot…and landed it perfectly.

Though Coronado was still ahead by 15 points at the time, winning the game didn’t matter. The moment Marcus scored, the crowd went crazy. Fans excitingly stormed the court, raising Marcus up on their shoulders and giving him a moment in the spotlight that he will no-doubt cherish forever.

After the game, Montanez was asked why he passed the ball to Marcus. And he said “I was raised to treat others how you want to be treated. I just thought Mitchell deserved his chance.”

Watch the video below and see how it all played out, with Marcus coming out on top!