A Dose of Inspiration: Dan Waskiewicz

October 13, 2014

Baltimore City Police Officer Dan Waskiewicz was first to respond to a call who responded to a call about a vicious pit bull who was supposedly chasing kids. He called out to the beleaguered dog who was being yelled at by onlookers. The “vicious” dog was instead, a frightened dog who trotted over to Dan, tail tucked, and panting.

Waskiewicz offered the overheated dog some water, and after realizing he was safe, the dog sat down and began to lick Officer Waskiewicz. Seeing that the dog was not a threat, the officer proceeded to load him into his patrol car and began to contemplate his next move – offering the stray, frightened dog a home. His OWN.

LESSON: Try approaching situations differently. You might be pleasantly surprised how it ends.