82-year-old’s wish to go back in time to a memory with his dad – granted

August 29, 2017

Sam Minna is an 82-y-o resident at Grand Court of Springfield in Ohio.  When Sam was just 14, his dad found an old 1931 Ford coupe in a barn and bought it to be Sam’s first car. Of course there were still a few years before Sam would get his driver’s license so he and his dad used that time to restore the car from the ground up. When it was finished Sam says that it looked and ran like new. He loved working on that car and enjoyed driving it every day.

When Sam joined the Navy at the age of 19 he found himself stationed in California and had no choice but to sell his beloved coupe. Sam went on to collect and restore a number of other classic and antique cars over his lifetime but was never able to find another ’31 coupe. Now, his wish was simply to go for one more ride in his favorite car.

Wish of a Lifetime and Brookdale were able to get Sam back in the seat of a ’31 Roadster with the help of local auto enthusiasts Richard and Stan. Sam was thrilled to see Stan’s beautifully restored Ford and even got to go for a short ride. Sam was joined by his friends and Grand Court staff members who came out to learn more about the car that Sam loved so much and wave him off on his ride.

Sam Minna's wish to go back in time - granted Sam Minna's wish to go back in time - granted

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