65-y-o Starts Clothing Company To Help Her Granddaughter Feel Confident

July 4, 2018

When 4-year-old Maggie was having difficulty shopping for clothes, an unlkely family member decided to take action.

Maggie has been diagnosed with Down Syndrome. And as a result, it isn’t easy to find a set of clothes that are the correct size for her body, her style, and her personality. So her 65-year-old grandmother, Karen Bowersox, started making them herself.

Bowersox launched a non-profit company called Downs Designs, which specializes in making clothing for people with Down syndrome.

In an interview with the Huffington Post, Bowersox says: “when [people with down syndrome] are forced to wear clothes from everyday stores, the clothing makes them look different. All you see is the Down syndrome. When they wear our pants and they fit and they look and feel more comfortable, they can be confident in themselves.”

The non-profit currently offers over 50 different styles of clothing for people of all ages. The jeans use an elastic band instead of buttons or zippers, and the comfort fitting shirts offer a vatiety of options as well.

Bowersox takes the customer service element one step further by personally making calls to customers in order to review the orders and make sure the products meet their satisfaction.

While her friends are well into their retirement, Bowersox says she is happy to continue working…and hopes to continue growping Downs Designs as the years progress.