5th Grader Takes Teachers Out For Dinner After Saving For Six Months

January 23, 2018

When you were in 5th grade, you probably had already started putting away your money into a savings account. Perhaps you made some extra dollars through a weekly babysitting gig, or from a few days shoveling snow in the winter for $10 a yard.

But there’s no denying the gratification we felt when that piggy bank eventually built up the weight of a small boulder.

So what were you saving your money for?

Toys? Games? Ice cream?

How about taking your favorite teachers out for the evening to nice restaurant?

Allow us to introduce to a 5th-grader named Cody Dortch. Late in 2015 he made the decision to start saving his money. He worked overtime with his house chores, he helped neighbors around the house, and he would babysit regularly. Dortch even saved every dime he got for his birthday and during the holidays.

All because he wanted to say “thank you” to his elementary school teachers.

After about six months of building up his piggy bank account, the 11-year-old amassed over $200.00. He then told his mom how he wanted to spend it all – by inviting every teacher he had during his time at Northern Hills Elementary school to dinner.

With the help and approval from his mom, Dortch went all-out for the occasion. Aside from making the reservations at the restaurant, he created personal invitations for each of the teachers and hand-delivered them along with some flowers.

When everyone came together for the night out, Dortch even had a speech prepared for the teachers. Not only did he thank them, but said he wanted them to see how much effort he really put into the occasion…using the analogy of how much they did for him in school.

And to everyone’s surprise, Dortch finished his speech by announcing he was paying for the meal they were about to eat (a minor detail that was never mentioned in the invitations).

Cody’s father is a teacher, which is what initially inspired him to do this. Cody said he witnesses how much work his dad puts in towards helping other students, and how his dad will even give up family time just to tutor those who need it.

From that experience, Cody decided to give back to his teachers in his own special way.