5 Y.O. Boy Declines Gifts For His Birthday, Chooses To Help Animals Instead

February 6, 2016

Many of us look at a birthday as “our day.” It is the one day each year when we get to spoil ourselves and celebrate our own lives.

Sometimes we throw a party, and other times we keep things simple. But virtually all the time, we want the day centered around us.

As a result, we often seem to forget that life doesn’t revolve around us. And it doesn’t care if you are celebrating a birthday or not.

But sometimes it takes the act of a five year old to remind us of this very fact.

Meet Dalton Shaw – a five year old boy from Savanna, Illinois who recently celebrated his birthday with a party at their local bowling alley.

Shaw still had several new toys from Christmas waiting to be played with. So agreeing to a suggestion by his parents, this animal lover made the decision to ask his party guests for something other than birthday presents.

Dalton asked everyone to donate something for a local animal shelter.

In the few years he has been alive, Dalton has grown to love animals. He and his family rescued two dogs and two cats in recent years. And though the five year old had wants to bring home even more pets, he realizes this isn’t possible.

But that didn’t stop Dalton from trying to help the ones he couldn’t rescue. Putting his own needs aside, he anxiously waited for his birthday to arrive so he can do something for these animals.

And the donations he received far exceeded his family’s expectations.

With his birthday party now underway, families began showing up with carrying bags of pet food, treats, and dog and cat toys. Cash donations were also provided, totaling $225.00.

Dalton was overjoyed with the donations, and couldn’t wait to start putting them to good use.

The Shaw family planned to spread out the donations between the Heartland Pet Welfare, the Carroll County Humane Society, and JoDaviess County Humane Society. They plan to hand-deliver all the items, giving Dalton a chance to also see the animals he has helped.