160 Apartments Soon To Become New Home For Veterans – 100% Free

May 31, 2016

It seems like Veteran’s Day is the only time we find tributes to our country’s veterans. All day long we see new stories of the people who have defended our freedoms, saluting the men and women who sacrificed so much but get so little in return.

And once that day is over, the stories disappear for another 364 days.

So when America’s Footprints spotted a tribute that truly puts veterans in the spotlight, we jumped all over it.

Introducing an organization called the Iron Soup Historical Preservation – a group dedicated to making the lives of our veterans a little more manageable, four walls at a time.

Iron Soup Historical Preservation focuses on remodeling homes that have been abandoned in Campbell, Ohio. But fixing up a single dwelling is certainly not their only specialty.

Recently they made headlines after investing thousands on some apartment buildings. Their goal is to make their neighborhood more attractive, while giving homeless or low income veterans a place to stay until they can get some traction in their life again.

Strictly through volunteer help and support, the Iron Soup Historical Preservation is planning to remodel almost 160 apartments in the coming months. And once everything is completed, they will allow veterans and their families to move in – 100% rent free.

The Iron Soup Historical Preservation is attempting to reclaim a neighborhood that has otherwise been abandoned, and aims to create a sense of community support that so many of veterans desperately need.

Once the veterans are able get on their feet again financially, the group assists them in moving into a more permanent residence.

Other groups such as the American Food Forest and Youngstown Inner City Garden are also helping with the project.

But the volunteers of the organization have been the backbone of the entire revamp. They have been taking care of everything from masonry work, to landscaping, and even interior design. And most of the furniture and cabinetry has been donated.

The Executive Director of the organization, Linda Gens, believes all veterans deserve to be in a home. She says they have given enough and have earned the right to be taken care of.

Iron Soup Historical Preservation

If you would like to help or donate to these efforts that are dedicated towards enriching the lives of the men and women of our military, you can contact the Iron Soup Historical Preservation from their Facebook page.